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The Beans and the Bees - Partnering to Influence the Hemp Industry

The Beans and the Bees - Partnering to Influence the Hemp Industry

Entrepreneurs in Colorado are leveraging what they are passionate about to share natural alternatives and solutions. Nick and Ali French, owners of Colorado Hemp Honey, started this brand in the same way. They believe working together with other companies will help people learn about the benefits of both hemp and CBD. This is what inspired them to begin a cross promotional program with other like-minded hemp companies called “Brands We Love.”

“The hemp community in Colorado is small and from the beginning everyone has been helpful,” said Nick. “Other companies helped us when we were starting out so we want to continue to work together to spread the message about the beneficial qualities of hemp.”
SteepFuze Coffee out of Boulder, CO is the first company in Colorado Hemp Honey’s “Brands We Love” campaign. The company began out of a passion for good coffee and a desire to find a natural way to help with pain. After a snowboarding accident, co-owner Devin Jamroz used CBD oils for his pain while also enjoying his morning coffee. After experimenting with his own home brews and CBD oil tinctures, he realized the combination would be a good fit. That is how the idea of SteepFuze Coffee was born.
Devin and his business partner, Ben Glennon, spent years experimenting and have created a delicious, proprietary blend of coffee that includes CBD without sacrificing the great coffee taste. After teaming up with a top-notch coffee roaster, they found the perfect combination to create this gourmet coffee product.

Collaborating for a common goal
Working together and educating is how the industry will continue to grow. Hemp and CBD reduce anxiety and stress without the psychoactive effect. Without support, answers, or awareness on the benefits, people could easily remain confused.

“There are a lot of misconceptions on hemp and CBDs in general, so it is important for industries to promote one another and their company mission,” said Devin.

There are many relaxing elements to CBD products and Devin recognized that SteepFuze would be a great fit for coffee lovers. He has heard from his customers that SteepFuze has helped reduce coffee jitters and acidity. For those who get sleepy with CBD early in the day, the coffee has helped counterbalance that. There are others who may want an extra CBD kick in their coffee during the day. For Devin, adding Colorado Hemp Honey is a natural way for people to do just that.

Sweetening the deal
Like Colorado Hemp Honey owner Nick French who is passionate about bees and honey, Devin has used his love for coffee to create a product that will help people. He also understands the benefits of working with other local, natural companies that create quality, gourmet CBD or hemp products. Colorado Hemp Honey is such a natural fit because Devin knows people are looking for ways to sweeten their coffee. Adding Colorado Hemp Honey won’t take away from the benefits of coffee or alter the quality of it.

“Studies have shown when you add dairy to sweeten coffee, it actually binds some of the beneficial antioxidants,” said Devin. “When adding honey, you are upping the health benefits of the coffee overall.”

Devin is also interested in finding a nighttime solution for the needs of his customers. While coffee may be a practical choice at the beginning of the day to help with energy, it isn’t one when people need to sleep. Colorado Hemp Honey can help people rest after a long day.

Reaping the rewards
Colorado Hemp Honey is sending out samples of SteepFuze Coffee to the first 200 customer orders in October and SteepFuze is sending out Colorado Hemp Honey samples with orders beginning Monday, October 23rd. Working together, both companies can help each other grow and also share and educate about the benefits of hemp and CBD products.
“We have found that you can’t be in this industry without being an ambassador for this industry,” said Devin. “For our business to grow, we need to help industry grow.”

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