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3rd Party Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Triple tested for peace of mind 

As part of our third and final quality testing step, we send out each lot of products we produce to have them independently tested by an accredited 3rd party certifier.

Here you can search or browse Lot/Batch Numbers associated with you Colorado Hemp Honey products. Click the LOT # for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) showing Phyto cannabinoid (CBD and others) potency for finished products. Click the BATCH # for the COA showing Heavy Metals, Microbials, Pesticides, Residual Solvents for the full-spectrum hemp extract used in that LOT of finished product. 

Our LOT # COAs test results are presented in Milligrams per Gram, so to find out the exact amount of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc) and terpenes in each serving of our products, you should use the following simple equation:

                           total mg / gm  x 5 gm serving = total mg per serving

 Our products and COAs demonstrate that we are complaint with the 2018 Farm Bill requirement stipulating that Industrial Hemp products do not exceed 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. 

To view third-party COAs for any lots / batches that may have passed their expiration/best by/born on date, please reach out to our Customer Service team at

Please note that occasionally, third party COAs may be delayed. In that instance, they will be posted as soon as they become available.


1066 Raw Relief Sticks
1071 Raw Relief sticks
1072 Tangerine sticks
1073 Lemon sticks
1074 Ginger sticks
1075 Raw Relief sticks
1076 Raw Relief sticks
1077 Tangerine sticks
1078 Lemon sticks
1079 Ginger sticks
1082 Tangerine sticks
1083 Lemon sticks
1088 Tangerine jars
1089 Lemon jars
1099 Coffee
1104 Double Strength sticks
1106 Double Strength sticks
1125 Raw Relief jars
1126 Tangerine jars
1127 Turmeric jars
1128 Double Strength jars
1130 Raw Relief jars
1130 Raw Relief jars
1133 Ginger jars
1134 Lemon jars
1136 Raw Relief jars
1137 Tangerine jars
1142 Balm boswellia
1143 Pet Balm boswellia
1144 Salmon Pet tinc
1145 Balm lavender
1146 Pet Balm lavender
1147 Turmeric jars
1148 Lemon jars
1149 Bacon pet tinc
1150 Raw Relief jars
1151 Ginger jars
1152 Double Strength jars
1154 Salmon pet tinc
1155 Raw Relief jars
1156 Bacon pet tinc
1157 Raw Relief jars
1158 Turmeric jars
1159 Lemon jars
1160 Tangerine jars
1164 Double Strength jars
1165 Raw Relief jars
1166 Lemon  jars
1167 Tangerine jars
1168 Ginger jars
1169 Turmeric jars
1170 Raw Relief sticks
1171 Raw Relief sticks
1175 Ginger Soothe Sticks
1177 Tangerine Tranquility Sticks
1179 Lemon Relax Sticks
1181 Coffee
1186 Pet Tincture unflavored
1186 Raw Relief tincture
1187 Lemon tincture
1188 Tangerine tincture
1189 Ginger tincture
1190 Raw Relief jars
1191 Double Strength jars
1193 Salmon pet tinc
1194 Double Strength jars
1195 Raw Relief jars
1198 Turmeric jars
1200 Elderberry sticks
1201 Ginger jars
1202 Double Strength jars
1203 Raw Relief jars
1205 Bacon pet tinc
1208 Pet Balm Boswellia
1209 Balm Boswellia
1210 Pet Balm Lavender
1211 Balm Lavender
1214 Elderberry jars
1215 Coffee
1217 Elderberry jars
1219 Elderberry jars
1222 Coffee
1223 Turmeric jars
1300 Ginger jars
1301 Lemon jars
1302 Tangerine jars
1303 Elderberry jars
1304 Raw Relief jars
1308 Double Strength jars
1309 Salmon pet tinc
1310 Bacon pet tinc
1311 Lemon jars
1312 Elderberry jars
1313 Turmeric jars
1314 Raw Relief jars
1317 Raw Relief sticks
1319 Tangerine sticks
1320 Lemon Jars
1321 Tangerine Jars
1322 Coffee 10oz and 5lbs
1323 Coffee 2oz
1334 Bacon Pet Tinc
1335 Salmon Pet Tinc
1337 Turmeric Jars
1337 Turmeric Jars 
1338 Hemp Balm Beeswax Boswellia
1339 Hemp Balm Lavender Peppermint Pet
1340 Hemp Balm Beeswax Boswellia Pet
1341 Elderberry Jars
1342 Double Strength jars
1343 Ginger Soothe jars
1344 Lemon Relax Jars
1345 Tangerine jars
1346 Cinnamon Serenity jars (online only)
1347 Elderberry Support Jars
1347 Raw Relief jars
1348  Double Strength Jars
1349 Bacon Pet Tinc
1353 Salmon Pet Tinc
1354 Tangerine Sticks 
1362 Bacon  Pet Tinc

1363 Raw Relief jars

1365 Double Strength jars

1366 Lemon Relax jars

1367 Tangerine Tranquility jars

1368 Salmon Pet Tinc

1369 Mushroom Complex

1371 Hemp Derived D9 Black Label Honey


1930 Hemp Extract 2021 heavy metals

1930 Hemp Extract 2021 pesticides
2009.024 Lemon jars
2009.025 Tangerine jars
2010.039 Raw Relief jars
2101.098 Raw Relief jars
3371 Pet Bone Broth beef

3372 Pet Bone Broth chicken

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