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Colorado Hemp Honey is a raw honey food produced at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

“Frangiosa Farms is committed to responsible beekeeping in the face of bee decline through community education, backyard beekeeping, and support of locally sourced pure and simple honey. I raise my bees with organic practices and love to talk about the wonderful world of bees and the benefits of local raw honey.”

- Nick French, founder and beekeeper


If you read Nick’s bio, you will learn about his inspiration to create Colorado Hemp Honey so that people and pets can feel rested and happier. The story of Colorado Hemp Honey did start with people and their pets in 2015, but the story of its parent company Frangiosa Farms started by working with the bees and Nick’s passion for urban farming in 2008.

Frangiosa Farms began with Nick’s passion for beekeeping and the healthy, beneficial base for Colorado Hemp Honey products – raw honey. He wanted a way to focus on natural, sustainable beekeeping practices that considers the long-term effects of maintaining healthy bee colonies.


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