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Turmeric & Black Pepper Creamed Honey is Now Available!

Turmeric & Black Pepper Creamed Honey is Now Available!

Colorado Hemp Honey is changing the game in the natural foods industry with the newest addition to its line – Turmeric & Black Pepper creamed honey.

Colorado Hemp Honey’s Turmeric & Black Pepper is the latest and most delicious way to receive the full benefits of turmeric. This newest blend contains pure and raw honey infused with 15 mg of Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract per serving. In addition, there’s 100 mg of a proprietary blend of 95% curcuminoid turmeric root extract, turmeric root and black pepper in each serving creating this unique, creamed blend.

It is widely known that turmeric supports anti-inflammatory and antioxidant response. Pairing the black pepper with turmeric helps with the absorption of these benefits. Turmeric also works with the raw honey and full spectrum hemp extract in each jar to make this honey a holistic and natural approach for people and pets.

Owner Nick French’s company mission is to create options for holistic and wellness approaches, so the addition of Turmeric & Black Pepper is a natural next step.

“I am very excited about the launch of Turmeric & Black Pepper,” said French. “Not only does it give our customers what they are asking for, but it elevates our product line to a new level by leveraging the ancient powers of ayurvedic medicine, honey and hemp. If that’s not enough, it tastes amazing!”

Turmeric & Black Pepper honey is the first creamed honey in the Colorado Hemp Honey line. It makes recipes, such as the popular Golden Milk, easy and delicious so people can easily receive the benefits of turmeric. It can also be used on toast, in tea, on a pet’s food, or any other way the rest of the line’s honey is used on a daily basis.

French guarantees the highest level of purity and consistency through his organic practices and laboratory testing.

Turmeric & Black Pepper will be released on May 22, 2018 and will be available in 6 oz. or 12 oz. jars. After it is released, 12 oz. jars can be purchased here and both 6 oz. and 12 oz. jars can be purchased at locations nationwide. Use the website’s store locator to find a location near you. 

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