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Our Customer Testimonies

Every morning and every night for the past two weeks I have been enjoying Colorado Hemp Honey with Celestial Seasonings Peach Passion. Thanks you Colorado Hemp Honey! Because of you I am walking again without any pain!   ~ Metal_M  Vancouver, WA

 My husband and I began using Colorado Hemp Honey in late May of 2016. He is recovering from sigmoid colon removal surgery. The healing has been slow and very painful. We were amazed at how much it helped his pain and depression, and how much it helped my anxiety. We could tell in using it for less than two days. My anxiety is at an all time low. I am happy to have a pharmaceutical free method of treating anxiety. We also have a cat who is our beloved animal companion. The poor little guy has colitis (IBD)/  He was having constant diarrhea and cried out with pain from the cramping. We began giving him Colorado Hemp Honey, and within 10 days, the diarrhea cleared up and he began to put on weight. He was just above nine pounds when we began treating him and now he is a full 14 pounds today (09/04/2016).  His appetite has increased and he is initiating play on his own. It nearly killed me each trip to the vet for depot medrol (steroid) injections.  It has been three months since his last injection. I will be sending some photos to back this up.  We give him the honey by putting a small amount on our finger and placing it on his nose.  He has a sweet tooth, so it is easy. Thank you Colorado Hemp Honey!!!  You have helped two people and a kitty cat have much happier and healthier lives!!!  ~Patrice & Dr. Greg Faust and JJ The Cat

 I have a small fiber neuropathy, polyneuropathy, and dysautonomia as a result of an autoimmune disease. I have issues sleeping, getting to sleep, and controlling pain. My hands and feet are constantly pins and needles. I’m always looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments. The number one requirement for anything I put in my body is that it does not make me feel goofy or high. A nurse recommended Colorado Hemp Honey to me. I thought why not? I’ve been enjoying a tsp. in a cup of hot tea before bed. Although I can’t say that it helps with my pain or falling asleep fast, it has shortened the time it takes me to fall asleep from 2-3 hours to 30 min to 1 hour. It has also helped me stay asleep all night. I definitely feel well rested. The added bonus is that there’s no hangover when I wake up. I’ve tried different tinctures that contain THC and although I might sleep, I felt goofy/high and woke up lethargic/hungover. This honey has really proved its worth as restful sleep is invaluable. I’m so thankful my nurse recommended it. It is so much better than any prescription or over the counter medication I’ve tried not. Not to mention there's no crazy side effects or hangover!

 Patient has birth defects (permanent broken bones, don’t heal), epidural went wrong during csection, permanent damage to nerve cluster resulting in reoccurring lasting nerve pain, arthritis in all joints, birth defect deformed hip, no joint, walk barely with a cane and assistance. Honey has helped take the edge off the pain. Any little bit done naturally helps. Prescription meds no longer work.” ~E.S from NC

 I have Fibromyalgia and don’t like taking pain medication because of the side effects. Have been using cannabis with high THC and CBD to help with pain and sleep. Am unable to use cannabis at work due to making me sleepy so I looked for CBD with no THC and couldn’t find much. Tried Kannaway products and got relief from them but the one that worked had caffeine and don’t do caffeine after noon so when I read the article in the Westword I emailed the author and asked how to purchase the honey. Love the honey and will be ordering the trifecta soon. Have already recommended the honey to four or five people.

 I ordered Colorado Hemp Honey to help alleviate my Rheumatoid Arthritis and help my sleep patterns that have been affected by my thyroid condition and autoimmune issues. I love it. My arm feels great. My sleep has been better. It also tastes delicious!!” ~Rhonda from Englewood, CO

 I have spinal myoclonus which is a nervous system movement disorder. I also have elevated stress hormones some of which are neurotransmitters. Colorado Hemp Honey helps calm my nervous system and reduces the episodes that I have. It also helps reduce pain from the jarring involuntary muscle movements and improves my mood. Vickie from Snohomish, WA

 This is an amazing product! We bought the three pack and we love every one of them. CBD products have always been helpful for me. You have one of the most affordable options! I truly believe it is an amazing medicine and preventative for diseases. I would love to stay a lifelong customer! ~ Andrew from Denver, CO

 Colorado Hemp Honey helped me sleep better then I expected. I have chronic migraines and have been using medical marijuana for a few years along with over the counter and prescription medication. This honey is great. I sleep better and I don’t have to take pain medication every day. The sticks are great. You just snip the top and you have the perfect amount. It also tastes great! ~Stacey from Aurora, CO

 I had a bad case of food poisoning and several rounds of antibiotics. For almost a year, I suffered with IBS-like symptoms. Medication did not alleviate completely. Colorado Hemp Honey has helped relieve symptoms. ~Stephanie Panama City, FL

 My wife has been sleeping much better while taking Colorado Hemp Honey. Also, she tried the over the counter medication she has been using for years without the honey last night. She did not get the results she gets with Colorado Hemp Honey. I could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. I will probably be reordering next week! ~Martin from Carrollton, TX.

 When my order arrived, I had a cold and started using the Lemon-Aid in my tea. It helped me feel better and it was delicious! I love the Natural as well. The honey is definitely calming and tastes wonderful, too. ~Shirley from King George, VA

 Colorado Hemp Honey has helped me go from nightmares to dreams and you can quote that on your website! ~Carol L/Denver, CO

 I am at the beginning of trying these products. Like all natural aids and remedies, we can’t expect them to work immediately as we do modern synthetic drugs. I have great faith in these bee products. ~Douglas Longmont, CO

I still can’t get over how much Colorado Hemp Honey helps with my pain relief. Just one teaspoon in the morning and one before bed and the level of pain I’ve had from arthritis and inflammation is down so much. I now realize it must be a 75 percent improvement at least. The bees gift to me is truly a gift from God that I am very thankful for and give all praise to God for it. God bless! ~Leah P., Denver, CO

  Colorado Hemp Honey is was a new discovery on a recent trip to Boulder. There’s a young woman working at Boudhas and Ghoudas who does a great job representing your product. We bought three jars from her as gifts, but decided to keep one for ourselves. We will probably be ordering one or more a month for the foreseeable future. It is great for restless sleeping  I used to wake up after a few hours sleep and have a terrible time getting back to sleep. Now, I may still wake up, but I can go back to sleep in a few minutes without the anxiety and motor-mind. We appreciate your pioneering efforts. ~Benjamin Harley

I have to tell you how much I love your honey. I was fighting a sinus infection and started adding the honey to my tea. In about five days infection was gone. I just ordered a second jar. ~Karen Waters - Denver

  I've tasted the honey and I think it tastes great. I got the Lemon Aid and my dog Sammy really loves it. This is nice because the poor girl is already taking nine pills per day and one extra on Sundays. To be able to give her something beneficial like this and for her to enjoy it is wonderful. She definitely has been more playful and acting like her old self. Her appetite has also been negatively affected by the chemo. We had to coax her to eat something, but now she eats her food with out much convincing. ~Dylan Barto and Sammy Austin, TX title: INSTANT CALM!