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As beekeepers we love what we do.  We take great pride in doing something that is helping the environment and work every year to reduce losses.  Right now we're harvesting our 2016 vintage small batch honey at the farm.  We hope we'll use it to create products that help people live a better life.  We recently received this note from a customer and we wanted to share it.  For us, this is what it's all about.  THANK YOU

"My husband & I began using Colorado Hemp Honey in late May of this year.  We were amazed at how much it helped his pain and depression, and it helped my anxiety.  (My husband is recovering from sigmoid colon removal surgery,  The healing has been slow and very painful)  We could tell in using it for less than two days.  My anxiety is at an all time low.  I am happy to have a pharmaceutical free method of treating anxiety.  We also have a cat who is our beloved animal companion.  The poor little guy has colotis (IBD)  He was having constant diarrhea and cried out with pain from the cramping.  We began giving him the Colorado Hemp Honey, and within 10 days, the diarrhea cleared up and he began to put on weight.  He was just above 9 pounds when we began treating, and he is a full 14 pounds today (09/04/2016)  His appetite has increased, he is initating play on his own.  It nearly killed me each trip to the vet for depot medrol (steroid) injections  He is now 3 months from his last injection.  I will be sending some photos to back this up.  We give the honey by putting a small amount on our finger and placing it on his nose.  He has a sweet tooth, so it is easy.  Thank you Colorado Hemp Honey!!!  You have helped two people and a kitty cat have much happier and healthier lives!!!" -  Patrice, Dr. Faust and JJ the Cat


    Jack Before                                         Jack After

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