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Ode to the Honeybee! A Big Celebration for One of the Planet’s Smallest Creatures

Ode to the Honeybee! A Big Celebration for One of the Planet’s Smallest Creatures

This Earth Day, let’s celebrate this important insect that is only an inch long but plays a vital role on our planet – the honeybee!

Did you know that bees are found in almost every habitat containing insect-pollinated flowering plants? They provide an amazing, natural pollination service to many of the foods that we enjoy including avocados, apples, strawberries, almonds and so many more. In fact, honeybees play an important role in producing foods included in one in every three bites of food that we eat. Let’s not forget they produce delicious honey! These little friends are vital to pollination and ecology.

“Bees are the only creatures on Earth that just by living make plants and life on Earth better for all,” said Nick French, The Bee Shepherd and head beekeeper.

Sadly, in the past few decades, bee populations have declined at a rapid rate due to insecticides, unsafe hive practices, and mite infestation. When Nick began beekeeping in 2008, he learned that working with the bees and keeping them healthy and safe is the best way to make to make a difference for the bees and on our planet.

His connection with bees evolved during the first four years of beekeeping. He knew that if chemicals and pollutants in the environment and on plants kill bees, it does not make sense to add chemicals to a hive to keep the bees and their hives healthy. Instead, he uses organic practices such essential oils and powdered sugar to treat his hives. Although it is not as easy as adding chemicals, it is safest for the bees.

“I feel a strong connection to the natural environment and the Earth through my bees,” said Nick. “They give me a reason to slow down and look at the flowers blooming, the clouds that turn into rain, and make me more aware of how my actions and all human actions affect life on Earth.”   

Nick’s desire to keep bees safe and maintain healthy hives is why he began the Adopt a Honeybee program. With this program, you can adopt a hive to cover the expense of maintaining healthy hives and receive a certificate and raw honey from the hives in return. You also help our planet continue to greatly benefit from the bees’ pollination by keeping them alive and well!

“We are committed to using every penny of donations from the Adopt a Honeybee program to buy more equipment to establish new bee colonies, develop programs that educate new beekeepers and supporters, and create a bee business where the honey sales go directly back to create more colonies,” said Nick. “It is a sustainable loop where the bees help to save themselves!”

If you would like to work with us and the bees to support and sustain healthy bee colonies on Earth Day (and beyond!), please visit

Our responsibility to the bees and our planet does not stop here. There are also actions we can all take to help save the bees this Earth Day and every other day.

  1. Don’t use insecticides or pesticides in your gardens. Consider ladybugs or other insects that will help protect your garden naturally.
  2. Grow plants that are native to your region. There are several plants that produce a lot of nectar and pollen. Ask your local nursery or garden shop about which plants those would be.
  3. Provide the bees in your garden with fresh, clean water. Bees need to stay cool and need water for digestion. Make sure you include twigs or pebbles for the bees to land on.

How will you honor the honeybee on Earth Day and every other day? Send us pictures of your garden and how you help save the honeybees to Heather Timmons at We may feature you and your garden in an upcoming blog.

Happy Earth Day. Bee Well!

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