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How Tincture Can Be Used For Your Pets

How Tincture Can Be Used For Your Pets


More than ever before, Americans are talking about the nearly endless benefits of hemp extract. As we continue to learn about this non-psychoactive substance, pet owners are beginning to take notice. While there are many unique forms of CBD on the market today, using a full spectrum hemp extract tincture, with naturally occurring CBD is the easiest way to administer the product to your furry friends so they, too, may reap the benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about hemp for pets, here are just a few ways a full spectrum hemp extract can provide them with relief.

Calming Relief

Just like humans, pets can experience the unpleasant symptoms of nervousness and stress. Many animals exhibit severe symptoms of separation  when an owner leaves the house which can result in damage to household objects or the animal themselves. Dogs can be especially aggressive by ripping up carpets, scratching doors, or destroying kennels. Noise phobia is another stressor for pets―including fireworks, booming thunder, and sudden sounds from household appliances or nearby roads. However, with a high-quality hemp tincture, pets and owners can rejoice.

General Relief

As researchers continue to learn more about the physical and psychological health benefits of hemp extract, there are growing reports about the dynamic nature of this product. The calming effects of hemp can help relieve day-to-day aches and discomfort that your pet may experience from minor accidents, various health conditions, and other incidents.

With a tincture, older animals may find joint and muscle comfort fr. This product can even help dogs and cats improve balance. Hemp extract has been reported to support inflammatorty response, intestinal discomfort, nausea, and other conditions.

Frangiosa Farms Tincture For Pets

To achieve the best results from a CBD tincture, it is important to use a high-quality, pure extract from a reliable source. Explore all the benefits of our hemp honey tincture for pets and browse our dynamic inventory. Contact our friendly team to learn more today!

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