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Hemp Honey Faqs

 Colorado Hemp Honey is a combination of raw Rocky Mountain honey, full spectrum hemp extract, and organic essential oil. Each 12 ounce jar contains 1000 mg. of full spectrum hemp extracts. It’s full of enzymes, omegas, and terpenes!

Our raw honey is a superfood on its own and is a natural supplement to help create a well balanced lifestyle!

Raw, small batch honey varies in color and flavor from season-to-season and hive-to-hive. This depends on the bees and the type of flowers they forage. The resulting honey may be lighter or darker, more floral or sweet or less sweet in taste. Our honey is a wild foraged product and we intentionally allow for these variations. This is the beauty and wonder of honey!  Most store bought honey is a homogenization of different honeys from 100,000 of hives from many different areas. That is why when you see a darker or lighter honey you may think something is wrong. Not all honey is a light brown or amber color. Some is even as clear as water and as black as a boot.  Honey and wine are very similar in that they take on the characteristics of the area that they are produced.

We co-op with multiple farmers in the Fort Morgan and Colorado Springs areas. This hemp is extracted from two extractors in those areas. We use a proprietary blend of hemp that is 100 percent Colorado.

We use full spectrum hemp that contains cannabinoids, phytonutrients, and terpenes which positively affect the endocannabinoid system found in all mammals. This  helps restore body and mind balance. Our unique combination of raw honey and hemp helps increase bioavailability and absorption of cannabinoids.

The exact quantity is 2.12 mg. per 5 gram teaspoon. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring in hemp and we use full spectrum hemp.   

Yes, our oils are USDA certified organic.

No. Colorado Hemp Honey uses only legal full spectrum hemp extracts which contains nearly zero amounts of THC. 

Generally drug tests look for marijuana and other narcotics. They are not looking for cannabinoids or hemp extracts. We make it a practice to never tell anyone they will pass a drug test. Who knows what they are doing in their life! Colorado Hemp Honey has near zero amounts of THC and we lab test each batch. We encourage consumers to inform the person administering the drug test that they take a hemp product. 

No, our ingredients are raw honey, hemp and essential oil. There are no side effects.

There is no research to date that shows any dependency on hemp. The human body creates cannabinoids naturally in small quantities. 

Honey is a better carrier and provides superior bioavailability as it coats the receptors in the throat and does not go straight to the gastrointestinal tract. Absorption rates vary from person to person. Generally, we have noticed it takes 15 to 40 minutes. 

  Hemp is powerful alone, but in the presence of natural plant essence (terpenes) its effect is greater. This is the difference between a whole food and an isolate. Whole foods are simply better.

Our hemp is non-GMO and responsibly grown without pesticides. It is repeatedly tested for contaminants to ensure potency and purity.  No chemicals are involved in the extraction process.  We take an extra safety step to heat our hemp to such a temperature that it is safe and there are no risks of botulism.

 Honey is calorific but it is sweeter; therefore, we use less. Plus you get all of the vitamins and minerals of honey – so it is a tasty and health packed option even in small amounts! 

It is a natural part of the process! We do not high pressure pasteurize our honey. It is taken from the hive and full of goodness. It is not cut with syrup. 

All mammals have a biological and neurological system specifically tasked to receive and process these naturally occurring cannabinoids from hemp. A small amount of cannabinoids naturally occur in the bodies of mammals.

One honey stick is 1 teaspoon or 15 mg of hemp extracts.

Go against the seal to open the stick. You can do this by pinching it.

This depends on the individual. The best rule of thumb is to take it when you want to bee rested, bee calm or bee happy!