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Power Up the Anytime Snack Break CBD Honey Sticks

Ahhh, the joy of the daily snack break - time well spent over a cookie or coffee with colleagues or in the solo confines of the office. One recent afternoon, I found myself craving something ‘more’ than the high-calorie sweets and salty treats in the break room.  


I was looking for an anytime pick-me-up that would satisfy my sweet tooth and was full of health and wellness benefits. Easy enough, I thought. That’s when I discovered Colorado Hemp Honey CBD sticks, a convenient snack gamechanger.  


Colorado Hemp Honey is a small batch honey and CBD producer committed to strengthening and sustaining bee populations. Frangiosa Farms, the makers of Colorado Hemp Honey, is in southeast Denver, set amongst the rolling hills near Parker, Colorado. Not only do they grow their own hemp, but they also have chickens roaming the grounds - the farm is buzzing with beehive activity. 


Less is More

Upon discovering Colorado Hemp Honey's CBD sticks, I thought I would need 2 or 3 sticks to get me through the day. But don’t be fooled by Colorado Hemp Honey’s succinct portion size because each honey stick is packed with 5mg of CBD per serving.


Think of these tiny but mighty CBD honey sticks as kindling that sparks the soul. The Lemon Stress Less variety keeps me calm at work as deadlines pile up and family time beckons. Elderberry Support keeps my immunity in check while the zesty Tangerine and Ginger varieties tantalize my tastebuds.


When you need to take the edge off, Colorado Hemp Honey has a Double Strength Raw Relief that serves up a hefty 10mg of CBD and honey in one stick. Enjoy the sweetness of honey combined with a hint of hemp.


The Bees Knees: The Power of Honey & CBD

With only 21 calories and 4 grams of sugar, Colorado Hemp Honey CBD honey sticks mean business and are the perfect anytime snack. Did you know that raw honey has health benefits and an array of antioxidants? Not only does honey soothe a dry throat and satisfies the sweet tooth, but honey also has micronutrients that deliver key vitamins and minerals to the body.


And thanks to the power of CBD, Colorado Hemp Honey uses full spectrum hemp grown right on-site and is glyphosate free, which means the crops have not been sprayed with toxic chemicals.


The cannabinoids found in hemp, known as CBD, play an essential role in living a life full of vitality. CBD grown from hemp has gained notoriety in recent years, especially full spectrum hemp, which is known to ease digestion and inflammatory responses, aids in mood regulation, and assists with memory and metabolic processes throughout the body.


Colorado Hemp Honey touts that its “full spectrum hemp extract helps promote well-being and keeps things running as they should in the body and provides incredible health benefits.”


Perfect Anywhere & Anytime

I now take Colorado Hemp Honey’s CBD honey straws with me whenever I need more energy, clarity, or sweet tooth craving. CBD honey sticks are perfect for hiking, on the road, travel, or at the office and are packed in BPA FREE plastic and recyclable.


Simply open the CBD honey stick by squeezing one end. Like magic, the pressure releases, and the honey stick clicks open without using a sharp object. And last time I checked, no one wants honey on their scissors.


Colorado Hemp Honey has made it easy and delicious to power up your morning, noon, and night snack routine. And trust me, you’ll want to have Colorado Hemp Honey CBD honey sticks around for your colleagues who might need to enhance their snack time at the office.


Here’s more on how to open the cute CBD honey straws from Colorado Hemp Honey’s Chief Bee Shepherd, Nick French,



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