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A Spoonful of Sweet Magic, Colorado Hemp Honey’s New All-in-One CBD & Adaptogen Variety

Something sublime happens to the taste buds and body when Colorado Hemp Honey hits the lips. Sure, honey is a definitive succulent flavor bomb, but Colorado Hemp Honey's new all-in-one CBD and adaptogen Mushroom Complex variety is next-level stuff. 

Artisan-inspired, the Mushroom Complex has been formulated into one combination and is packed with wellness properties like phytocannabinoids (CBD) from hemp and adaptogens found in beta-glucans, the soluble fibers in fungi. 

Designed as a one-and-done concept, consumers aren’t forced to buy additional products and self-create like a mad scientist, thanks to the team at Colorado Hemp Honey and the bees who have crafted the perfect blend. 

Together, this new innovative product makes it easy and convenient for consumers looking to up their health and wellness game. Enjoy on a daily basis, either on its own with a spoonful of goodness or in tea and recipes, Colorado Hemp Honey’s Mushroom Complex will truly delight the senses.

Chief Bee Shepherd Nick French shares another reason why people should try and use their products daily. “Honey, in general, has numerous health and wellness benefits that we want everyone to know. People don't realize that honey is a vital building block that helps the body fully absorb nutrients faster and easier and is nature’s most effective delivery system.”

Instead of reaching for a tincture of CBD or a probiotic with adaptogens, the Mushroom Complex honey is easy to digest and enjoy and provides faster relief because of its unique botanical delivery system. In addition, CBD works in balance with adaptogens to help restore balance, reduce stress, and lower anxiety levels. Together, the interaction enhances the body’s ability to respond better to daily tension and challenges.

Simple Natural Ingredients
Each teaspoon serving of the Mushroom Complex contains 50mg of combined adaptogens:

  • Turkey Tail Mushrooms - Engages a balanced immune response and supports beneficial gut health
  • Chaga Mushrooms - Antioxidant support against free radical damage
  • Reishi Mushrooms - Supports energy, mood, stress response, and overall wellness
  • Maitake Mushrooms - Promotes cellular and immune health
  • Shiitake Mushrooms - Contains natural compounds such as eritadenine, an element that reduces cholesterol in the blood, plant sterols, and beta-glucans. 

Each 12-ounce jar of Colorado Hemp Honey's Mushroom Complex contains raw wildflower honey, organic mushroom adaptogens, CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract, organic lemon, and ginger essential oils. Colorado Hemp Honey is committed to growing its own hemp and sourcing high-quality ingredients. The Detox Project has also certified that its products are Glyphosate Residue Free, and each variety is triple tested for purity and potency. 


Sales Buzz
For more information on where to find on Colorado Hemp Honey, visit For wholesale and sales inquiries, please contact the team at, 1-833-233-2256.

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