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CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
Product image 1CBD Honey Sticks
Product image 2CBD Honey Sticks
Product image 3CBD Honey Sticks
Product image 4CBD Honey Sticks
Product image 5CBD Honey Sticks
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CBD Honey Sticks

Colorado CBD Honey sticks are perfect for travel, hiking, camping, or exercise. Keep one at your desk, in your pocket or bag to help take the edge off a busy day!

Colorado Honey is the world’s most unique and efficient carrier for CBD hemp extract and these BPA-free sticks are portable and easy to use. Available in all 7 flavors (Raw Relief, Ginger Soothe, Lemon Relax, Tangerine Tranquility, Elderberry Support and Double Strength) these single serve CBD honey sticks offer lab tested (3rd party) relief and make it easy to mix and match flavors and potency to ensure your perfect fit. CBD HempHoney sticks are always within reach and allow for quick relief when you need it most!

Hemp Honey Sticks Organic Ingredients

We have paired pure, raw honey with Colorado grown full-spectrum hemp to create a superfood of the highest quality. Enjoy raw honey and an earthy hint of hemp on the go! 

Our classic Raw Relief Hemp Honey sticks contains the simple ingredients of raw wildflower honey and 5 mg CBD naturally occurring in 15mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per stick. In our other flavors, our sticks  include these ingredients plus:

  • Raw Relief: Our natural classic flavor, just raw honey and hemp/CBD.
  • Double Strength: double the hemp (10mg CBD /30 mg of hemp extract  per stick serving)
  • Ginger Soothe:  Organic Ginger Essential Oil
  • Lemon Relax:Organic Lemon Essential Oil
  • Tangerine Tranquility: Organic Tangerine Essential Oil
  • Elderberry Support: 100mg per stick of Black Elderberry Extract

How To Use CBD Honey Sticks

We recommend:

  • Hold stick in one hand and put one end (doesn't matter which) into your mouth.
  • Bite down on the stick about ½ inch from the top until you feel it “Pop” OR use scissors to cut the tip of the stick BEFORE putting it in your mouth.
  • Pinch and run your fingers from the bottom of the stick to the top of the stick to get all of the honey out.
  • Eat the honey right out of the stick OR drizzle it into your tea, coffee, oatmeal, smoothie or as you would normally use honey.
  • Do not chew or tear at the end of the stick to get it open. 
  • Wait 30 minutes between servings to gauge your response

 Why Choose Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks?

Our Hemp Honey jars a great way to experience the unique flavors of naturally occurring CBD in Raw Colorado Wildflower Honey with a straight from the hive taste. Honey is nature’s most effective delivery system for CBD among many other benefits from choosing Colorado Hemp Honey:
  • Unique CBD, herbal and essential oil formulations for maximum benefit
  • Created by beekeepers and hemp farmers
  • Certified Glyphosate Residue Free by The Detox Project.
  • Triple tested for purity and potency
  • Veteran owned & operated business
  • 10 cents of every purchase goes to Veterans to Farmers

Learn more about the Colorado Hemp Honey Difference

CBD Honey Stick FAQs

What are CBD honey sticks?

Our CBD honey sticks are simply an on-the-go convenient way to get all the benefits of our honey jars without the hassle or mess.

Raw, Colorado wildflower honey from the hives infused with Colorado grown CBD from full-spectrum Hemp Extract come together to create a unique taste experience. Raw Honey is nature’s most efficient delivery system for the phytocannabinoids and terpenesfrom the plant extract. 

As soon as the sticky honey is eaten, it starts getting absorbed as it coats the inside of the mouth and throat, unlike many other forms of CBD. 

What are CBD honey sticks used for?

For our customers with a busy schedule and always-on-the-move life style we have created our honey sticks. Since 2015, our customers have been finding relief using Hemp Honey stick for many issues including:

  • General Wellness
  • Stress Support
  • Inflammatory Response
  • Sleep 
  • Immune Response
  • Anxiousness

How many CBD honey sticks should I take? 

One hemp honey stick is one serving. Most users have reported best results using 2 servings per day.

What is in the Mixed Variety Sticks Package?

Variety Show 10 ct:  2 sticks each of  Ginger Soothe, Lemon Relax , Raw Relief, Tangerine Tranquility and Double Strength Raw Relief.

Variety Show 30 ct:  6 sticks each of  Ginger Soothe, Lemon Relax , Raw Relief, Tangerine Tranquility and Double Strength Raw Relief.

Mixed 100 ct: 25 sticks each of Ginger Soothe, Lemon Relax , Raw Relief and Tangerine Tranquility per 100 ct box. 

What do CBD honey sticks do?

Raw Honey is a nature’s most unique, effective and versatile delivery system for CBD, terpenes and other phytonutrients.

Honey is Sticky and as soon as honey passes the lips, it immediately coats the mouth and tongue, increasing the contact with the sub-lingual capillaries that allows absorption to start the moment the honey hits the mouth. 

The blood-brain pathway (or blood-to-receptor pathway) is the most direct channel to get CBD to the places that we need it throughout the body. Normally when CBD is ingested in other forms, it has to go through the liver before it can hope to get to a receptor site. The liver loves to metabolize chemicals prior to excretion and the blood-brain pathway is the most effective way to get to the targeted site of distress in the body.  

Unlike any other natural substances, honey coats the throat as it is swallowed and continues to absorb as it makes its way onto the other systems in the body.

How long do honey sticks last?

Each batch of third-party lab tested CBD Hemp Honey Sticks has a 2 year shelf life for guaranteed potency

How long does it take for CBD honey sticks to work?

Generally, most users will see results within 30 minutes of eating out honey. Individual results may vary based on your goals & tolerance, in addition to other factors such as your body weight, age, and metabolism.


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