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Fermented Garlic in Honey

Fermented Garlic in Honey


  • Peeled garlic - three heads of garlic at a time is a good amount to start.
  • Colorado Hemp Honey Raw Relief - enough to cover the garlic.


  1. Separate and peel garlic of its paper. Line the bottom of a jar with the garlic.
  2. Pour the honey over the garlic cloves being sure to cover the garlic completely with honey.
  3. Seal jar. Bubbles will start to form in a couple of days. Release the gases produced by the fermentation process every 24 hours (called “burping” the jar). This is also a good time to make sure garlic is completely covered in honey.
  4. Allow to ferment for a week or until you like the flavor development.
  5. Store in fridge once you’re happy with the ferment.

This recipe can be used in any application that normal garlic is used and has a lovely depth of flavor!

Colorado Hemp Honey and garlic combined both have benefits to your health together is a delicious combination.

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