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_Health Benefits

Healing Infusions for Adults

We take care in blending our pure raw honey with full spectrum, cannabinoid rich hemp extracts and organic essential oils to create a natural, delicious tasting, non-psychoactive superfood. We use a proprietary blending process to ensure that you get everything nature intended in all of our natural products. We do not add CBD oils to our honey! We are beekeepers, so we know our source! We make everything in small batches in our commercial kitchen located in Parker, Colorado. Our honey is not high pressure pasteurized or cut with syrup. It is full of goodness and straight from our bee hives!

Calming Properties for Pets

A holistic solution to ease anxiety and stress for pets! We have combined three powerful ingredients to create a natural alternative for your pet’s anxiety relief with Thera-Bee. Each product is full of terpene rich, whole hemp extracts. These extracts are nonpsychoactive and help calm your pet. The antimicrobial bee propolis straight from our hives helps ease allergies and fight infections that may cause any irritability or anxiety. We have also added the medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil to help your pet easily absorb the tincture and support better overall digestion.

  • We only use 100 percent cannabinoid and terpene rich whole hemp extracts
  • The bee propolis is directly from our hives
  • We do not alter or process this natural gi! from the bees
  • We triple test our tincture for purity and potency
  • We donate 10 cents from each bottle of your tincture purchase to support Freedom Service Dogs of America


“I have spinal myoclonus, a nervous system movement disorder. Also have elevated stress hormones some of which are neurotransmitters. Hemp Honey helps calm my nervous system and reduces my episodes that I have. Reduces pain from the jarring involuntary muscle movements, and improves mood.”