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Health Benefits

The Proof is in the Honey!

There are a lot of health products that will promise you that their product will relieve your pain, help you sleep better, reduce inflammation, anxiety, and spasms associated with epilepsy.  Some even go so far as to claim more profound statements like stopping tumors growth and even curing cancer.  Under the current FDA regulations this is a prohibited practice.  Until the FDA regulations allow it, in good faith to our customers, we make no such claims. 

Most standard employment drug tests don't screen for CBD but THC.  We recommend that you use your best judgement in the use of our product and hold no responsibility. Our goal is to keep you safe.  If in doubt, leave it out and consult a drug screening lab before your test.  

Potency & Purity

Frangiosa Farms starts with our own raw honey.  It's important to us that you get all the healing benefits so we don't alter it in any way.  To insure you get the highest quality healing infusions we triple test our products.  See more here.


When it comes to explaining the benefits of our Colorado Hemp Honey we will let our customers and products speak for us. The ultimate test of a quality, effectiveness, and taste of a products comes from testimonials.   Please read the testimonials page for more details on what our customers are say about our “Healing Infusions” of raw honey and natural plant oils.    Read more                 

Some of the keywords our customers are using to describe their experience with using Colorado Hemp HoneyTM.    

Raw Honey and Essential Oils

Raw honey has been used by humans for 1,000s of years as a food, medicine, and as a natural first-aid for wounds and digestive issues.  Raw honey is an instant energy-building superfood containing small amounts of pollen, wax, propolis, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and other vital factors. Honey can be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes, soothe a sore throat, and as a cough suppressant.  It is has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties.  Honey will never go bad and was found in the tombs of Egytic, thousands of years old, still edible!  As beekeepers, we take great care in the honey from hive-to-table using organic practices and soft hand it to preserve these nutritive and curative properties.

Essential Oils, like honey, have been used for 1,000s of years as food and medicine.  Essential oils are used around the world to treat anxiety, digestion, insomnia, inflammation, stress, allergies, bacteria and fungal infections.  These are the qualities found in plants that we like to infuse in our products.  To guide us in the proper application of essential oils, we have a certified aromatherapist on staff.

Research: There is a lot!

There is a growing body of research available to anyone interested in considering cannabis or hemp source CBD as a natural alternative to OTC and prescription drugs to help with seasonal allergies, pain, insomnia, anxiety, seizures, cancer, and much more.   In addition to your own research here are a few reputable sources;  Mayo Clinic: Evidence, and CURE (Epilepsy).