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What's Your Flavor?

Colorado Hemp Honey Empowers You to Supplement Your Health in the New Year!

Colorado Hemp Honey is excited to share some big news going in to 2018! Our flavors are undergoing a name change for each delicious honey infusion. The flavor names are designed to more closely align with the benefits of the essential oils and natural flavor included in each honey.

Not only are essential oils flavorful, but each oil has many added benefits. The organic essential oils that on staff aromatherapist Ali French adds to Colorado Hemp Honey is one of the three natural ingredients in our unique honey infusions. We also include raw honey straight from our hives and legal, Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract. As a consumer, the new flavor names will help you find a Colorado Hemp Honey infusion that will match your needs as you supplement your own health.

Read on for a description of each of the new flavor names. Discover which one will best benefit you!

Lemon Stress Less (formerly Lemon Aid)
Lemon essential oil is high in the terpene linalool which is known to be an anxiety reducer and will give you an alert calm. This flavor of Colorado Hemp Honey is great to enjoy before your day even begins.

Tangerine Tranquility (formerly Mandarin Magic)
Tangerine and mandarin orange essential oils are citrus oils that are the same.  Both are calming and slightly anxiety reducing. Put this in your hot tea before bedtime!

Ginger Soothe (formerly Ginger Snap)
Ginger essential oils have anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties. It will warm your body’s muscles and comfort you from the inside out. The ginger and honey work together to soothe your entire body.

Raw Relief (formerly Natural)
Raw Relief is the purest selection and the flavor of this infusion stands on its own. You can taste and enjoy the natural flavor of honey and hemp. It could help relax you and give you overall relief from stress!

Comment below with which flavor of Colorado Hemp Honey will best benefit you! Give it a try by ordering from or finding a store near you using the website’s store locator.

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