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What's all of this floating about?

What's all of this floating about?

Floatation therapy is good for the soul and here at Colorado Hemp Honey, we highly recommend this practice regularly. Nick and Ali French, Colorado Hemp Honey owners, are avid floaters and believe in the benefits of this practice. In fact, float centers across the country – and world – carry Colorado Hemp Honey. Combined together, this can be a magical experience!

Do you wonder what floating is? What the benefits are? Do you know how Colorado Hemp Honey can enhance your overall floating experience? We have answers for you! Vivian McKinnon, the owner of the well renowned floating center Hydro-ease in the UK, helps explain.

What’s it like to float? Floating happens in a dense saline solution at body temperature in a pitch black dark cabin or pod that is lightproof and soundproof. Your body is in a foot of salt water which makes you weightless and allows you to float. The magnesium in the salt water can provide muscle relaxation and the near zero gravity experience helps your body relax.

“Floatation helps with any kind of muscle soreness, stiffness or ache. While experiencing zero gravity, your body can experience the deepest level of relaxation and breaks down and decreases the production of stress hormones and increases the production of endorphins.” said Vivian.  

The benefits are not only physical but can be emotional and mental too. Vivian told us that while floating, your body will experience Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy or REST. This will shift your brain waves into a lower frequency and produce mental clarity, meditation, creativity and problem solving that will help you process your world without the stressful and emotional responses outside the float cabin.

“Floatation offers a beautiful space free from all the noise and demands of modern life,” said Vivian. “We really are not supposed to live the way we do and here at Hydro-ease we have found floatation to be the perfect antidote to modern living. Taking time out to just be is a wonderful and hugely empowering experience both mentally and physically.”

Taking a stick of Colorado Hemp Honey before your float can help you experience additional benefits during floating.

“Using Colorado Hemp Honey before floating invites me to relax and change states to ensure I get the most from the float by quickly supporting my body, mind and spirit to rest, realign and be open to the experience,” said Vivian. "The only expectation to have of floatation is to have no expectations, focus on the breath and let the magic salty water give you what you need in that moment.”

Vivian has had many great responses from her personal clients and members who have used Colorado Hemp Honey before floating. Some have mentioned the honey relaxed them quicker and they experienced one of their best floats. Others have mentioned it has helped with discomfort which had troubled them all week. The discomfort disappeared post float.

With all of these benefits, are you wondering how you can get started yet?

You can easily find a float center near you in most cities. If you are looking for a float center that carries Colorado Hemp Honey near you, you can find one by zip code here or order your very own honey directly from us. We would love to hear about your experience with Colorado Hemp Honey and floating. Share that with us here!

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