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We are Hempy for Growth During Hemp History Week!

Colorado Hemp Honey is celebrating Hemp History Week in a big way – we just planted our first acre of hemp at our local farm in Parker, CO. Colorado Hemp Honey is already infused with full spectrum hemp extract from local, Colorado grown hemp that contains naturally occurring phytocannabinoids – which has always made it so much more than just CBD. Nick French, Colorado Hemp Honey owner, also intends to use his local grow to infuse with honey and gain cultivating experience. 

As a crop, hemp has deep roots in American history. There is so much potential for hemp – and that potential has little to do with the common misconceptions that some people still hold. Traditionally hemp has been used as a supplement, for fabrics, paper, foods, body care, and rope fiber. Our goal at Colorado Hemp Honey is to share the CBD that occurs naturally as a part of the hemp plant in our one of a kind pure, raw honey creating a delicious wellness supplement. 

While we are still working with local Colorado hemp growers and extractors, it is important to us that we also lead the charge on cultivating and nurturing one of the most useful plants that benefits our bees, our country, and our customers. 

  • Our hemp will provide pollen production for our farms’ bees and give them even more forage.
  • We continue to abstain from synthetic pesticides so that hemp stays safe for you and our bees stay safe too.
  • We support the country’s economic status through hemp growth and cultivation. For years, many companies have imported hemp from other countries which meant United States farmers missed out on the opportunity to grow and receive the economic benefits of hemp. We are now a part of changing that.
  • Like with our local, Colorado grown and extracted hemp we have infused Colorado Hemp Honey with since 2015, we ensure that customers know what is in their hemp, how it is grown, and how it is extracted. Companies that import from other countries can’t say that. 

Bottom line – we are hemp advocates and educating ourselves and our consumers with hands on experience is a top priority. With hemp farming now legal in 33 states, we are furthering our mission and contributing to the well-being of our country and our consumers directly through hemp by growing it. 

With recent legislation, the hemp landscape is changing every day. At Colorado Hemp Honey, we encourage you to educate yourself on hemp’s benefits, where it comes from, and how you can help make a difference. If you are new to learning about hemp, here are some useful resources. 

To learn about bills for federal hemp legislation, visit here:

To see state legislation, visit here:

Do you want to share with us what you have learned this Hemp History Week? If so, please email Heather at


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