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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Wellness This Summer!

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Wellness This Summer!

This Thursday, June 21st is the summer solstice and the beginning of summer. Summer solstice marks the longest day of sunlight in the entire year and is the pinnacle of light, life, warmth and love in our lives. Ancient cultures have long celebrated by rising early with the sun and celebrating the late sunset. Many of us are constantly busy with work, family and life so stopping to celebrate the sun in our lives and practice mindfulness can be challenging if we don’t make space for it.

Have you thought about the sun and how it plays a role in your daily life? It has become such a part of our daily routine that stopping to appreciate and celebrate sunlight like we did when we were kids is a distant memory for many of us.

The sun is our life source – we need to recognize this during the summer solstice and the warm summer days. It gives us life, it helps our plants grow and it brings us joy. Vitamin D from the sun is also good for brain health, immunity and mood. As we move with the cycles of nature and feel its rhythm, our own days can become more fulfilling. During this year’s summer solstice and summer days, we challenge you to take full advantage of the benefits of the sun and notice the difference it makes in your day.

Need some ideas on how to celebrate summer solstice and the summer days that follow this year? Keep reading - we’ve got you covered.

  1. Start your day with a warm drink and Colorado Hemp Honey’s Lemon Stress Less! Better yet, take your drink outside and wake up with the sun. Warm water and lemon have many benefits to include improved digestion and mental alertness. Lemon is also an instant mood lifter.
  2. Go outside and be active. Summer is the perfect time to wake up a little earlier or stay up a little later and do something active outside with someone you love. Swim, walk, run, bike or hike. The options are endless.
  3. Practice yoga. Grab your mat and get in touch with nature. Yoga can improve your connection to the earth and sun and it reduces stress. Take a class or go practice some poses on your own. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let calmness overtake you.
  4. Have a flower scavenger hunt. This is a fun one to do with the kids. Get outside and find some flowers. Take pictures. Savor their beauty brought to you by the sun. Appreciate all that these flowers provide our earth and the bees who make the honey we all enjoy!
  5. Walk your pet. Give your dog walker a break and enjoy the sunshine with your pet! Not only will this improve your mood and give you some bonding time with your furry friend, it will also be great for your dog too.

Overall health and wellness is important to all of us at Colorado Hemp Honey. Taking daily activities outdoors in the summer is just what your body and health needs. If there is something you usually do indoors – take it outside. Read, work or even just sit outside. Watch your mood and gratitude improve!

How will you celebrate summer solstice and the summer days that follow? We would love to see some pictures of you and your pets out enjoying the sun. Tag #coloradohemphoney on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Please or email to so we can share your sunshine and joy with the Colorado Hemp Honey community.

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