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Keep your pets safe, secure and comfortable this 4th of July

We love celebrating our country on the 4th of July but our pets don’t always feel the same. Traditionally, fireworks have been a stressful trigger not only for dogs but also for their owners who may not know how to best calm their dog's nerves. The loud noises and booms from the fireworks can trigger the flight response  in dogs which could cause them to run off. Definitely a scary time for dogs and their owners!

Fireworks are such a big part of this holiday celebration, and while we can’t stop fireworks in many areas, we can help our pets feel safe during this time of year.

As pet lovers at Colorado Hemp Honey, we have some suggestions to help you and your pet navigate this holiday safely.

  1. Early in the day, take your dog for a walk.The bonding early in the day will be great for your dog and help burn off energy before the busy day or evening begins.
  2. Get your dog a ThunderShirt. According to Dr. Jennifer Bruner of Lansing Veterinary Hospital in Lansing, KS, this weighted vest can actually help some dogs feel more secure during the booms and excitement.
  3. Stay home with your dog during fireworks. Your dog will most likely be looking for comfort and distraction from the noise. Turn on a radio or television to provide distraction, give him some treats in his comfortable retreat, and make sure he has plenty of water.
  4. If you’re going out for the holiday, consider other options. Find a trusted pet sitter or pet boarding center that will do exactly what you would do if you were home with your dog. Don’t risk leaving him home alone if he is scared.
  5. Don’t punish your pet for being upset! If your dog begins to scramble around, act frantic or knock things over – don’t get upset. This will just add to the nerves and stress of the situation. Help him along with love and support.

While the holiday will be here and gone before we know it, your dog may still become frantic or afraid at other times such as during thunderstorms or moves. We do have a suggestion to help.

If you love our Colorado Hemp Honey products, you can always share the Colorado Hemp Honey pet tincture Crazy Bee Gone (or Hip 'N' Joint) with your dog (or other pets) or share any other Colorado Hemp Honey flavor. It will help alleviate pet nerves in a safe and natural way. You can find more information in the products section of our website.

All of us at Colorado Hemp Honey hope that you and your furry friends have a safe and stress free holiday!

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