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Five simple ways to relieve stress today

Five simple ways to relieve stress today

Stress is a part of everyday life. We can’t always take a break to do luxurious things that relieve stress like getting a massage, taking a vacation, or even taking the day off of work. However, we can incorporate ways into everyday living that will help us feel better when we need it most.

Here are five simple ways to help relieve stress in a matter of minutes and all of them are very simple to do.

  1. Go for a walk outside. Walking helps you focus on moving and helps put your mental state to rest. Walk somewhere scenic and take in the sights around you. Don’t forget that Vitamin D from the sun has many benefits to your overall well being. Even if there is a day you want to get outside and it isn’t sunny, your brain and body will still benefit as movement triggers endorphins in your body.
  2. Laugh! Spend some time with a hilarious friend or watch a funny television show. Laughing relaxes the muscles in your body and is known to improve your overall mood. It also increases your oxygen intake (always a good thing), helps you connect with others, and makes you feel happier overall.
  3. Love on your pet. We love pets at Colorado Hemp Honey! Pets give you purpose and friendship plus you can cuddle, snuggle, and enjoy their love and kisses. They fulfill our need for touch and you’re less likely to feel lonely and more likely to feel appreciated when you’re with them.
  4. Breathe in, breathe out. Have you noticed during an incredibly stressful that time that your breathing becomes shallow? When you take slow, controlled breaths your brain receives more oxygen and this helps things become clear. Having a rough day? By just slowing down and controlling your breathing, it will cause you to slow down and think before you react. Also, your blood pressure will lower and you can bring the focus back to the moment, recharge, and move forward with less stress.
  5. Create an evening routine. End your day in a quiet place with a good read and cup of herbal tea. Creating an evening routine before bed helps calm the nervous system. If you add Colorado Hemp Honey Tangerine Tranquility to your tea before bed for a more restful nights sleep.You can find more information here.

Stress relief or taking time for yourself does not have to be elaborate or expensive. All you need is a little awareness and some time in your day to start taking steps towards less stressful living.

We want to hear from you. How have these simple ways to reduce stress helped you when you needed it most or what are some other simple ways you use to improve stress daily?

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