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5 Ways You Can Use Our Hemp Honey in Your Everyday Life

5 Ways You Can Use Our Hemp Honey in Your Everyday Life

For centuries, honey has been a sweet, natural way to treat certain illnesses and to simply make life a little more enjoyable. In recent years, full spectrum hemp extract has been hailed as yet another all-natural way to enhance everyday life without chemicals and irritating side effects. Now you can enjoy the benefits of both of these products at once through the use of simple, sweet, and easy-to-use hemp honey. With a mellow sweetness that’s impossible to match, this unique product has the power to help you get the most out of your day. Try these methods to use this mixture in your everyday life with ease:


1. Sweeten Your Hemp Coffee

There’s no better way to begin your day than with a cup of fresh, home-brewed hemp infused coffee. This gets you the wake-up you need along with a little something extra and is the perfect place to use a drizzle of hemp honey. The coffee itself contains naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients, but adding just a bit of honey is an excellent way to get those CBD effects and the perfect balance of sweetness to match the unique flavor of the roast.


2. Use It as Lip Balm

You don’t need expensive lip balms to protect your lips when just a dab of hemp honey will do. Rubbing a little of this smooth honey onto your lips keeps the elements at bay while the naturally-occurring CBD itself is absorbed through your sensitive skin, designed to give you the calm feeling you want while keeping your lips from becoming dry and chapped.

3. Fight Your Allergies

There is some debate on the matter, but it’s commonly believed that eating honey helps to reduce the effects of allergies during days with high pollen counts. Hemp honey not only brings you the allergy-fighting benefits associated with honey, but also the soothing aspects offered by the full spectrum hemp extracts


4. Treat Your Pets

Your pets experience discomfort too, and though you need to be a bit more careful about what you offer them for their aches and discomfort, you have options to help them in a healthy, natural way. Pet CBD products exist, and they’re specially formulated to be safe and effective for your furry friends. The products utilize a balance of hemp honey and its beneficial pollens, MCT coconut oil, and full spectrum hemp extract in an attempt to give your pet joint relief, soothe seasonal allergies, and much more. Furthermore, these products come in flavors that your pet will adore, such as salmon and bacon.


5. Mix Up Some Recipes

Making any number of recipes with hemp honey is easy. In fact, any recipe you might use normal honey in can easily be tweaked to accommodate this ingredient. Some popular uses for this ingredient in the kitchen include:

  • Salad dressing

  • Infused fruits (especially berries)

  • Lemonade and other naturally-sweetened beverages

  • Candies such as taffy and caramels


Hemp honey is versatile and can be used in place of processed sugars in nearly any recipe. It can also be used to sweeten tea or coffee for those trying to cut back on sugar consumption.


Incorporating hemp honey into your everyday life is one of the simplest changes you could make. For more ideas and more information on this product, contact Frangiosa Farms or browse the online inventory to find the perfect product for your needs.

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