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CARE & USES: Making Colorado Hemp Honey part of your daily routine for you and your pets! 

Colorado Hemp Honey is easy to incorporate the healing qualities of raw honey, full spectrum cannabinoids, organic essential oils into your daily routine for you and your pets.  Stir & Enjoy!

Step 1: Embrace your inner Raw-ness

  • Raw honey is a product of nature and will vary slightly in color, flavor, and consistency.  Enjoy the diversity of nature through raw honey.  It a beautiful thing.
  • All raw honey will eventually crystallize.  This means we did not pasteurize, filter, dilute out any of the goodness like trace amounts of pollen and propolis.  What the bees put in there, stays in there. This is part of the secret of the healing qualities in our honey.  Its raw!  
  • Crystallized honey is still good and will last nearly for ever.  Ask the Egyptians.  To re-liquefy simply warm jar in a warm to medium heat water bath and stir.  No not microwave (bees don't have microwaves, TV's yes)

Step 2: Dip, Stir, Enjoy

  • Open and Stir:  Its part of the experience but rarely you may see some separation of the extract and oils.  To ensure an enjoyable experience: stir first then enjoy.
  • Size does Matter:  No matter what they say start small and then increase.  1 - 2 teaspoons (5g) at a time and then wait 30-45 min to allow you body to metabolize the full spectrum hemp extracts, essential oil, and honey.  We are all unique people and our systems will respond at different rates.  Slow down and relax.
  •  No heady high:  CHH is an alternative for people that want to take advantage of the reported healing qualities of cannabis but not get high. While most basic drug tests don't look for CBD but THC, we recommend your personal judgement before using our products and hold no responsibility.  If in doubt, leave it out. We want to keep you safe.
  • Relax wherever you go:  There is no THC in our CHH so feel good at work, on a plane, on a train, and in the rain.  You could and should on boat with a goat, what?

Step 3: Share with friends, furry ones too!

  • Cats & Dogs are seeing benefits from CHH but back off of the dosage a little. 
  • Start with about 1/4-1/3 of a standard dose drizzled on food at meal time.  Observe  and adjust.  Learn more here. 

Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Sleepy Time: 1 teaspoon of your favorite Colorado Hemp Honey in Chamomile, Peppermint or Lemon Ginger tea before bedtime or enjoy a single serve Colorado Hemp Honey Stick.  
  • Bee a Purist:  You can eat a teaspoon of CHH by the spoon, Jar-spoon-mouth.  Go on, try it!
  • Michael's Fav: Mandarin Magic™ and Peppermint Tea is delish!  
  • PB & C-Bee-D! Peanut Butter and Mandarin Magic™ never tasted so good! Add a banana for extra wow factor!
  • Try LemonAid™ with Chamomile Tea.  Be sure to use decaf, herbal teas!
  • Coconut Mandarin Magic™ Pancakes are a breeze to make.  Just substitute Colorado Hemp Honey as your sweetener!
  • LemonAid™ Chicken Wings are always a big hit.  Use our Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks to create your great tasting glaze!

Check out what our friends at Wake and Bake think about using us in their recipes here!

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