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Jared is the National Sales Manager for Colorado Hemp Honey’s pet division.


Jared was born in Seattle, Washington, but grew up on the other side of the water in the small town of Bainbridge Island. Jared moved to San Diego in 2001 after graduating from Edmonds Community College to start his career and ultimately found his calling in Pet.

Jared started in the pet world working for a Distributor in 2005 and, in a few short years, moved on to work with a few different manufacturers, which broadened his selling into Petco and then into the Food Drug Mass segment. Jared soon realized he left his passion behind with the independents, so Jared looked to get back to his roots and was able to join Colorado Hemp Honey mid-September of 2019.  

Jared has a young family, so when he is not on the road for Colorado Hemp Honey, he spends his time helping with sports, homework and watching his girls dance and sing. But when he has a little time to himself, he likes to go fishing and spend time outdoors.


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