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Heather manages communications both internally and externally to Colorado Hemp Honey, coordinates product reviews, and writes blogs and content. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in English. During her 15-year career, Heather has worked as a contracted technical writer and editor for the military, served as a writer and editor for local magazines in her former town in Kansas, and instructed college level composition courses. Heather has been with Colorado Hemp Honey since the summer of 2017 and believes in the power of raw honey and hemp extract. She has seen it at work in the lives of many people that she cares about and has talked to many customers who have shared the power of Colorado Hemp Honey in their own lives!

Heather is also a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, so she enjoys having a cup of warm tea with Ginger Soothe after an intense workout and before bed. In her spare time, she enjoys the Colorado outdoors with her family and loves singing and dancing with friends.