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Lemon Relax

Crisp, clean relaxation

Lemon Relax is a classic flavor with a myriad of hidden benefits. Just 3 simple ingredients are blended together to make the brightest of all our flavors: Artisan raw honey, full spectrum hemp oil and one the most unique flavors in nature - organic Lemon essential oil.

Organic Lemon goodness

Lemon essential oil is a pure, cold pressed oil from the peel of fresh lemon grown organically (Citrus limon). Each batch of oil will vary based on that years harvest, the ripeness of the fruit and the flavor and aroma of each lemon.

  • Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C and other flavonoids (1)
  • Lemon Essential Oil has been shown to be effective in relieving stress and anxiety (2) (3)
  • Lemons (with peel) have an impressive 1346 rating on the Orac scale (4)

Lemon + Honey + hemp = unique flavors

The complex and unique flavor combination of raw honey and organic lemons has been used for centuries in any number of recipes and cocktails. From honey lemon curd, dressings, and chicken dishes to the old “whiskey-honey-lemon” recipe for anything and everything that ails you. Check out our Recipes Blog for tons of recipe ideas on how to use the sweet, bright earthy flavors in this flavor – Lemon Relax hemp honey is a unique way to experience 3 of natures tastiest and most versatile flavors in one easy to use honey infusion. Shop Lemon Relax today!


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