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Eric has worked in the food service industry for 20 years and has a strong background in food service and customer satisfaction. Currently, he works with Nick on honey production and oversees the infusions.

Eric is a Marine Corps veteran from New Jersey. He served overseas in San Salvador, El Salvador and Cape Town, South Africa. Once he returned to the States, he headed to Colorado and studied International Affairs at the University of Colorado. Along his journey, he was inspired to study and practice several forms of meditation and the healing arts. He is now a 200-hour yoga instructor, Trauma Release Exercise Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, and is Trauma Informed Yoga certified. Eric also studied Massage therapy at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, and is a facilitator for Centering Prayer at the Center for Contemplative Living. Eric enjoys giving back to his community with the various skills he has acquired over the years and is especially grateful to give back to veterans. His favorite flavor of Colorado Hemp Honey is Raw Relief and he has it in his coffee every morning!