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Ali is the Business Development Manager for Colorado Hemp Honey

Ali has a career in sales, recruitment, and business development that spans the last 25 years. After graduating with a degree in Hispanic studies in the U.K., she traveled to Guatemala for three months where she met her husband, Nick. During her extensive career, she has helped bring franchisees on board, helped stores launch new products, conducted promotional campaigns, helped employees with sales and objections, lead recruitment efforts, lead product development and marketing, worked in international sales, and even owned a pet magazine! During this time, she also studied aromatherapy and massage and took on clients. She still serves a few clients to this day.

Ali uses many of her skills and talents from her career to help new stores be successful as they bring Colorado Hemp Honey to their shelves. She also uses her knowledge as an aromatherapist to add to the layering effects of Colorado Hemp Honey by adding essential oils. She enjoys working closely with the pet industry and educating about the benefits of Colorado Hemp Honey as a shareable product for pets and people. In her spare time, Ali enjoys practicing and playing the drums.

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